Victor C. Marshall

Defense Practice Areas.

Criminal law in California is a highly specialized area of law with only a small percentage of those who are able to handle jury trials. The percentage from these trial lawyers is far more minute to try capital cases. Attorney Victor Marshall has been successful in capital murder cases and continues his extensive training while teaching students from trial advocacy to criminal justice.


*Gang-Related Crimes                                                              

*Shaken Baby Syndrome                             

*Vehicular Homicide                                                                                  


*Capital Murder  

Sex Crimes

*Indecent Exposure/Lewd Conduct

*Sex Offender Registry/Megan's Law 290 Violations

*Sex Assault & Battery

*Solicitation of Prostitution

*Statutory Rape

*Internet Sex Crimes/Child Pornography

White Collar Crimes

*Check & Credit Card Fraud


*Environmental Crimes

*Financial Elder Abuse

*Insurance Fraud

*Internet Fraud

*Political Corruption

*Pyramid Schemes

*Real Estate Fraud

*Securities Fraud

*Tax Fraud

*Unemployment Benefits Fraud 

*Workers Compensation Fraud-Employee

*Workers Compensation Fraud-Employer

Domestic Assault & Battery/Domestic Violence

*False Accusations Defense


*Kidnapping/False Imprisonment

*Terrorist/Criminal Threats

*Violation of Restraining Orders

*Child Abuse & Endangerment

*Child Molestation

Drug Offenses


*Drug Diversion Programs



*Narcotics & Drug Trafficking

*Possession/Possession with Intent

*Prescription Drugs

DUI & Traffic Offenses

*DMV Hearings

*DUI/Driving Under the Influence

*Multiple Offenses DUI

*What to do if You are Stopped

Other Violent Crimes


*Assault 245/Battery 242

*Firearms & Gun Offenses





*College Student Criminal Defense

*Juvenile Crime